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Why are we different?

How 10DaysBurn token work
World’s first token for the bear market.
10days burn is the world’s first token which guarantees ever-increasing price by the constant burning of their token no matter what market condition offering yet another opportunity for wealth creation to the people of earth.
80-90% burn of total supply in 10 days of its existence.
We will burn our 80% supply in the first 8 days, i.e. 10% supply each day (these tokens will be time-locked). Further for the next two days i.e. 9th and 10th day we will do a buyback and further burn the tokens, resulting in ever decreasing supply and ever-constant increasing price.
Guaranteed 100X at least in the first ten days.
With the constant burn of 80-90%, burning of total supply this token will be guaranteed to give investors a 10x minimum on MC. When considering the gains that similar tokens have given by just burning 20-30% of their total supply.
Presale with whitelist, giving the same chance for all investors to buy at the same price. This presale will run for one day.
Community Driven
10days Burn is a 100% decentralized peer-to-peer digital currency owned by our community members whom we often refer to as 10dayburnArmy. We aim to build the best cryptocurrency community the world has yet to see while rewarding our holders in this journey.
2% Redistribution in BUSD
2% of every buy/sell is taken and redistributed as reflections to all $10DaysBurn holders.
Automatically Paid Rewards
You don't need to claim your earned BUSD. It's automatically sent to your wallet every 60 minutes. *At a lower volume, it may take longer to show up in your wallet.
2% Liquidity Pool
2% of every transaction (buy/sell) is sent to our liquidity pool on pancake swap, which results in an ever-increasing pool size facilitating whales to buy 10 days burn smoothly.
5% Marketing& Buyback wallet
5% of every transaction (buy/sell) will be sent to our marketing/buyback address resulting in having enough funds with the team so that they can market the project worldwide & buy back the tokens from the open market, later to be burned. Moreover, we have learned from some of the past projects that sometimes development funds are necessary to move forward, or else without funds, you remain stagnant.
Burn NFT
Burn NFT sneakpeak
At 10 days burn we will mint and feature 5,000 unique Burn NFTs.
They will be tradeable, and for every NFT purchased, a small % of tokens will be burned & removed from the supply. We will reward the top 20 presale buyers and top holders with free minted NFTs.
Burn Metaverse
Burn Metaverse
We will create our Burn Metaverse which will have a play-to-earn game called Running Burning that will utilize 10DaysBurn tokens where users can buy lands, develop their economies, and do very diverse activities and quests.
RunningBurning is designed to be scalable, it starts small and grows to attract a user base from both the crypto world and the more traditional gamers that just want to enjoy the game.
Rug-proof, Anti-Snipe | Anti-Bot
We have locked liquidity for 365 days that’s one year and we will refill again once the time comes thus – no chance of a rug! Also, $ 10 days Burn developer team has no team tokens. They will buy tokens from the market just like the community, emphasizing fair distribution of supply. We have implemented anti-snipe & anti-bot measures.
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