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10days burn is the World’s first-ever token made for the bear market and the first to almost completely burned in its first 10 days, while holders receive rewards in BUSD.
We will burn our 80% supply in the first 8 days, i.e. 10% supply each day, (these tokens will be time-locked) further for the next two days i.e. 9th and 10th day, we will do a buyback and further burn the tokens, resulting in ever-decreasing supply and ever-constant increase in price.
With this we have additionally incorporated automated 2% reflection distribution of BUSD to our holders, adding 2% of each transaction to our liquidity pool resulting in an ever-increasing pool facilitating the constant increase of our pool while 5% going to our marketing& buyback address resulting in having enough funds with the team so that they can market the project worldwide & buyback the tokens from the open market, later to be burned.