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World’s first token for the bear market which guarantees at least 100x in 10 days while 90% of total supply gets burnt & holders get rewarded in BUSD
What is 10 days burn?
World’s first-ever token made for the bear market & the first to be almost completely burned in the first 10 days, while distributing rewards in BUSD.
10days burn is on a two-part mission: First part is to help to survive this cryptocurrency bearish market. In addition to that second part is to offer a great opportunity for wealth creation to everyone.
With 10days army we will successfully survive the bear market and become the #1 coin in the BSC ecosystem.
We know that it’s quite challenging to gain profit from the crypto space these days, as the crypto world is very polarized right now and most of the popular strong coins are down more than 85% from their all-time high.
Adding to this is the recent catastrophic disaster of Tera Luna which has added oil to the fire while rattling the entire crypto market, leaving investors speechless.
But every problem has a solution - and we at 10days burn have come up with an evolutionary hyper deflationary yield-generation contract on BSC with an auto distribution feature of BUSD to the holders of the $10DaysBurn token.
With this we have additionally incorporated automated 2% reflection distribution of BUSD to our holders, adding 2% of each transaction to our liquidity pool resulting in an ever-increasing pool that facilitates a constant increase in value, and 5% going to our marketing and buyback address resulting in having enough funds with the team so that the project can be marketed worldwide and buyback the tokens from open market to be burned later.
Last modified 1yr ago